After Care/ How to care for your Jewerly

We all ABSOLUTELY LOVE fashion jewelry but let's discuss ways to make it LAST even longer. Here are 5 tips below :) :

5 Tips for Storing and Maintaining Your Fashion Jewelry
  1. Clean Costume Jewelry the Right Way.
  2. Store It Correctly.

I provide anti oxidation bags with the shipment of my earrings to ensure they last longer. Oxygen and over exposure over time can cause fashion jewelry to wear quicker.

3. Don't Wear Costume Jewelry to the Gym or in the Shower.

The types of metals use are stated with each product. Our products are tarnish free and water resistant BUT like your phone that is advertised as waterproof it doesn't mean completely DUNK you phone in water for extended periods of time. While splashing or an outing won't rust your jewelry and its safe, I won't NOT recommend wearing it to a pool/beach day.

4.Keep It Dry and Sweat-Free.

5. Put on Your Jewelry Last.

Avoid spraying setting spray/perfumes on your jewelry as the chemicals in them may cause the metals to tarnish or corrupt.