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“Smile for me” series Hoodie #1

“Smile for me” series Hoodie #1

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This Hoodie  features a drawings from my “smile for me” series. Artworks that were inspired by me randomly rewatching the Nelly “Grillz” video and nostalgia taking over. I’ve always loved the artwork and creativity that go into creating jewelry. So I created concepts of my own. 

color: sun dyed black (a grey and black wash) grey at the top and black at the bottom. 

material : 52% cotton 48% polyester 

UNISEX SIZING(Men’s siding) . NOT OVERSIZED. Order your regular unisex  size.


shipping is via USPS, FEDEX, or UPS and comes with tracking information. 


This print is really high quality and will last many wash cycles BUT we can however take steps on our end to ensure the longevity of our investment. I would recommend turning your shirt inside out when washing it to protect the graphic as well as using cold water when washing graphic tees. DO NOT IRON graphic tee’s (on the graphic part) AND  do not clean with bleach. I will also upload a page on my website with tips and advice for washing all garments🥰 so it’ll be an easy reference 


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